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Heliotechnik Inc. is a full-service Solar Installation company and Certified Tesla Powerwall Installers. We specialize in residential and commercial Energy Storage, Off-Grid, and Net-Metering systems.

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Month: February 2022


Cost optimal solutions for residential solar-powered heat pumps in cold climates, isolated areas A U.S.-Swedish research group has investigated the complex economic relationship between PV and heat pumps in cold climates under four different levels of electrification. It found that, compared to propane, solar heat pumps can reduce reduce costs by up to…

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Gas vs Electric: How much you can actually save by switching to an EV?

Dave Charbonneau CTV News Ottawa Multi-Skilled Journalist @Charbs20 Contact Gas vs. electric cars: How much do you save? With the price of gas at an all time high in Ottawa, many people are turning to electric cars for their daily commute….

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