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Heliotechnik Inc. is a full-service Solar Installation company and Certified Tesla Powerwall Installers. We specialize in residential and commercial Energy Storage, Off-Grid, and Net-Metering systems.

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Solar Repair & Maintenance


We specialize in solar PV systems diagnostics, repair and maintenance.  Years of experience designing and installing commercial, residential and off-grid systems enable us to quickly identify any problems with your solar array and find a durable and cost-effective solution to ensure system safety, and long-term profitability.

To the right are pictures of some typical solar problems caused by animal infestation, improper installation and defective equipment.

Customers with microFIT contracts can replace older, low Wattage solar panels with new, high-performance modules that are currently on the market.  This can increase annual income by 10-25%

Our services include: 

  • Animal Guards
  • Ice & Snow Guards

  • Systems Diagnostics

  • Tree Trimming 

  • Removal of Panels for Re-Shingling 

  • Re-attaching Loose Cables and Wires

  • Systems Boosting/Optimization 

  • Warranty Claims and Replacement